As I'm standing in the bathroom, considering which cruelty-free product I should write about next, I saw it. A wave of guilt washed over me as I stared at it. OK, well maybe "wave" is a bit of an overstatement. It's not like I'm this huge evangelist of only supporting companies that hold a 'no animal testing' policy. It's something in which I strongly believe, and I certainly aspire to have a house completely free of products that test on animals. Though that aspiration isn't entirely realistic either. After all, I don't know that it would be possible to ever have prescription medicine produced by a company that doesn't test on animals. But it's certainly possible to eliminate household products, and bath and beauty supplies that have been tested on animals. So that, really, is my goal. And I thought I was doing pretty well, particularly when it came to bathroom products. That is until I saw the tube of Crest staring back at me. Crest is, of course, made by Procter and Gamble who famously made claims that they were eliminating animal testing, though that was more of a PR ploy than a commitment to action. Their initial testament to say no to animal testing impressed many animal advocacy groups until those groups discovered the truth behind the claim. Sadly, Procter and Gamble remains on the list of companies that test on animals and, given the enormity of the company, they are one of biggest offenders.

So, there I am with my tube of Crest, which was probably rubbed in the eyes of some adorable little bunny or something. Sadly, it's not like I just forgot about P&G's animal testing record. I just really hate the toothpaste that's made by companies that don't test on animals (sorry, Tom's). Granted, it was a number of years ago that I tried Tom's of Maine toothpaste, so maybe it's time to give it another shot.

I guess I'll give this one a try. Seems like the most popular one on Amazon. I really hope I like it. Even if I don't, I guess anything's better than a tube of blinded-bunny toothpaste.


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