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A little strong

I decided to try a new body wash (from Alba, of course). I don't have a complete handle on all of their different lines - there's the body wash with the solid colored labels, the Alba 'Rainforest' line with the green label and the rainforest-y scene on it, and then this line with the yellow label and a more Hawaiian looking thing going on. The previous body washes I'd tried from Alba were all the solid colored label ones, which I've liked a lot. So, when I saw that this 'new' one (turns out, it's not a new scent, but a new 24oz. bottle. It used to be available in 7oz. tubes), I had to give it a shot. It's passion fruit, I guess. That's what it says it is on the bottle. I'll have to take their word for it; I'm not exactly an expert on identifying and verifying the exact aroma emitted by the fruit family. To be perfectly honest, the smell wasn't bad, it was just strong. If it was milder, I may not have minded so much, though I do…

A great face wash

Admittedly, I don't know jack about personal hygiene products. I'm just an average guy who cleans myself on a pretty regular basis, who doesn't want a bathroom full of products that have been exhaustively tested on helpless caged animals. So, I've always equated bubbles with getting clean. Soap makes bubbles, body wash makes bubbles, toothpaste even kinda makes bubbles. So it's a bit of a mystery to me how some creamy, lotion-like substance that produces nary a bubble can actually successfully clean my face. But apparently it does. After all, my face looks clean, it feels clean, and it smells clean, so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. The face wash that I'm talking about is the Alba (of course - and I swear I'm not a company shill. I just happen to really like their products, so I'm inclined to stick with the brand) Coconut Milk Facial Wash. I actually tried this after trying the Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel, which was great but it felt l…

Not quite as good as the testers

Pro: It smells great. I actually like the smell of the Mango Vanilla more, but I decided to give the Coconut Lime a try, because I was curious what it was like, and I like singing that "Put the lime in the coconut, drink 'em both up..." song while I'm in the shower.

Con: It's not really giving me the smoothest shave. Most areas are fine, but I think I must have sandpaper for a mustache, because the Alba shave gel doesn't feel like it's doing a thing. I may as well be yanking the hairs out with tweezers. It's been a while since I've used the other shave gels from Gillette or the other companies that test on animals, but to be perfectly honest, I remember the shave being pretty damn smooth when I did use those products.

Sadly, that con is kind of a deal-breaker. I don't know if there are other companies that don't test on animals that make a shave cream, but I think I need to see what else is out there.