Alba Botanica Rainforest Copaiba Shampoo

I recently finished off a bottle of Alba Botanica Rainforest Copaiba Shampoo. As with all Alba products, the smell is good, light, fresh and clean. And given the fairly medical smell of a lot of scalp treatment shampoos, that seems to be a pretty significant accomplishment. As for the results, I'd say they're no better or worse than other brands. By that, I mean that I noticed a slight difference (less itch, fewer flakes, etc.), but I wouldn't call it a cure. I'm not implying that I've got 'Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club' levels of dandruff or anything. So, I'm not requiring miracles. I've just never found dandruff shampoo in general to be very effective.

All in all, I liked it and may use it again. Though considering all of the other great choices that Alba offers, I'll likely choose something else.


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