Every Man Jack Shampoo

I really want to like Every Man Jack's products because I like the idea of cruelty-free 'health and beauty' products for men. So many of the products in that aisle are really geared toward women, perhaps even more so in natural food stores than in regular grocery stores. In grocery stores, you'll find products like AXE or Old Spice or a handful of others that specifically target the men's market. But in stores like Whole Foods that only carry cruelty-free products, it's rare to find something that has men in mind. Frequently, the products have a floral or fruity scent, which I actually kind of enjoy, but they're not exactly 'manly'.

Now I wouldn't really consider a mint scent to be specifically for men, but that is the scent of this 2-in-1 shampoo. Speaking of it being a 2-in-1 shampoo, I really don't remember the last time I used one of these, or even conditioner on its own. My hair is pretty fine and conditioner always seemed to make my hair feel kind of limp, even though it may have felt smoother. Washing my hair with the Every Man Jack shampoo, I instantly felt that smooth, almost slick feeling that you get when you use conditioner. But it does wash out nicely, so it doesn't feel greasy at all.

Part of the reason that I was curious to try this shampoo, aside from what I wrote above, is that it bills itself as a 'thickening shampoo for fine or thinning hair.' My hair is certainly fine, and maybe thinning a little, though I don't feel like thinning is a major issue for me at the moment. So, after washing and drying my hair, it definitely didn't have that limp feeling that I mentioned I would get after using a conditioner. I guess maybe it felt thicker, but I wouldn't testify to that. I do think it does a good job. My hair looks good and feels good. I'm almost finished with this bottle of shampoo and I'm very pleased with it. Though I don't think I'm a huge fan of the mint scent, in general. Not to say that the mint scent in this shampoo is bad. It's not at all. It's fairly light and somewhat natural smelling. But I think that, for me, it's not one that I put as a top choice. But if you like mint, there's no reason why you shouldn't like this.


  1. I get Everyman Jack products for my fiance and they smell great and work great. Highly recommend! : D


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