Alba Shaving Foam

I was really excited about this one because I felt like the creamy texture of the Alba shave cream maybe was part of the reason why it didn't work as well as some of shaving cream/gels that I used prior to going the cruelty-free route. So, when I saw the bottle of Alba shaving foam on the shelf, I quickly snatched it up. Eager to use it, I decided to shave the next morning during my shower (usually I'll go a few days at least between shaves). So, I popped off the cap and pressed down on the plunger. What came out was not the typical, thick foam with which anyone who has used standard shaving cream is familiar. No, this foam is just like the kind of foam that you get from those hand soap dispensers. A very light, airy kind of foam. When applied, it actually feels less effective than the shave cream because it feels like it's just a diluted, fluffy version of the cream that I was hoping this would replace.

Unfortunately, it looks like I still haven't a shave cream or foam that even comes close to the effectiveness of the shaving cream that I used to grab off the supermarket shelves. I'm not completely discouraged yet. I'm sure there's something out there. This just isn't it.


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