Crystal Body Deodorant - Product Review

Truth be told, I've been a bit embarrassed to review this. But if you've read my previous posts, my track record with cruelty-free deodorants has not been great. For whatever reason, there aren't many choices of deodorant that aren't tested on animals. So having run through the gamut of options, there was one left. One pink, somewhat phallic looking option left. Crystal Body Deodorant. It doesn't help that the label looks like the cover of a romance novel either. I remember when I first heard about crystal deodorant years ago, and thought that it was some ridiculous, new-agey product that aging hippies used to commune with their earth mothers, or something along those lines.

So, needless to say, I was skeptical. But I'm committed to my testing and I'm not going to let a few muffled snickers and the underlying thought that I am going to be rubbing a rock in my armpit prevent me from trying out a new 'deodorant'. After all, based on my previous tests, it couldn't be worse than what I'd tried thus far.

After my shower the next morning, it was time to give it a try. The instructions are to get the crystal (actually "mineral salts" according to the label) a little wet and rub it on your armpit like you would any other deodorant. The directions also say that you can rub it anywhere on your body (such as your feet) that produce unpleasant odors. After my first full day, I gave my pits a sniff. Nothing. And I don't mean 'nothing' in the "it didn't work" sense of the word. I meant 'nothing' as in "I don't smell anything." This can't be. So, I asked my wife to give me a smell. She'd be honest. It took her a while for me to actually convince her that this wasn't some kind of cruel prank that I was trying to play on her, but she relented. And she agreed. Nothing. Hmm. OK, the kids are next. Nobody is more honest than kids . They'll tell me the truth, and I need the truth. I need someone to tell me that yes, I actually do stink. But even they agreed. Nothing. No stink. No smell. Nothing.

I was surprised, and impressed. But I was determined to put it through its paces. So, I used it every day for weeks, and now months. And as much as I hate to admit it, Crystal deodorant works. It's not an anti-antiperspirant, so you're still going to sweat like normal (which is a good thing for your body), and you're not going to smell flowery, or musky, or whatever scent you choose. But plain and simple - you're not going to smell.


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